Special Issue
Facing Adversity and Building Resilience

Guest Editor

Tayfun Dogan, PhD

(Biruni University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Deadline for Article Submissions

November 30, 2021

The TRC Journal of Humanitarian Action is delighted to invite authors to submit papers for a new Special Issue: Facing Adversity and Building Resilience

The research on resilience has significantly increased, particularly over the last 20 years. The interest in this subject has increased even more recently due to the pandemic process and other problems specific to this age. Psychological resilience in general expresses the ability to adapt to many significant sources of stress and trauma, such as distress, threats, health problems, family or relationship difficulties, work and financial problems, natural disasters, and war, as well as to recover after the experienced adversity. In other words, psychological resilience is a person’s ability to successfully overcome adverse conditions and adapt to new situations. These days, the concept of resilience is handled through many dimensions, and our knowledge about this subject is increasing daily. New and original research on psychological resilience will contribute to us better understanding this issue and to being a beacon of hope for the world as it struggles with problems. In line with this idea, this special issue aims to encourage original, empirical, qualitative, meta-analytical, compilation, and theoretical research that will contribute to the understanding and development of psychological resilience.

We aim to bring together topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Natural disaster and resiliency
  • Financial problems and resiliency
  • Migration and resiliency
  • Job loss and resiliency
  • Resiliency during a pandemic
  • Resiliency, post-COVID, and the new normal
  • Resiliency at the individual, community, and institutional levels
  • Humanitarianism and resiliency
  • Illness and resiliency
  • Relational resilience and divorce
  • Medical emergencies and resilience
  • Community resilience
  • Finding meaning in adversity
  • Resilience and well-being
  • Loss, trauma and resilience
  • Resilience in organizations

Submission Details

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically to

For further questions regarding the issue please contact Kindly direct any technical questions to:

We hope that you will be a part of this multidisciplinary effort to produce a general platform in a unique journal. Please respond to this invitation and do not hesitate to contact the editor for any further queries.

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